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  HiModel Major updates:  

11/16/2019    New arrivals. Permalink
XT90MLPT AMASS XT90 Connector Male W/Housing 10CM Wire 10AWG
XT90FMPT AMASS XT90 Connector Female W/Housing 10CM Wire 10AWG
SD-525 Anti-interference Copper (CU) Foil Tap 5 x 2500cm
FY580C FUYI FY580C Non-contact IR Infrared Thermometer Digital Handheld Temperature Tester
XT-A09 Digi XTend 900 MHz 2.1dBi Antenna A09-HASM-675

11/06/2019    New arrivals. Permalink
DT-2234C DANIU DT2234C+ Digital Laser RPM Tachometer
F4G3-60A HOBBYWING Xrotor F4-G3 Flight Control & Micro 60A 4in1 ESC Combo
POWER-TR4 PowerHD TR-4 Micro Waterproof / Metal Gear Servo for TRAXXAS TRX-4
PIXR15 PIXRACER R15 Autopilot Flight Controller
RFA04A Cooltech 2.4G 4CH FASST Compatible Receiver RFA04A
FRFASB Cooltech PPM SBUS 2.4G FASST Compatible Receiver RFASB
FRSFSB Cooltech 2.4G 8Ch Futaba S-FHSS SBUS Comatible Receiver RSFSB

10/09/2019    X-boss multi-mode receivers. Permalink
RX2APRO X-BOSS RX2A PRO Receiver (support AFHDS2A, like Flysky radios)
AC-900 X-BOSS AC900 Dual-mode Receiver (support S-FHSS,D16 non-EU,D16 EU-LBT)
AC2000 X-BOSS AC2000 Dual-core Tri-mode Receiver (support S-FHSS,D16 non-EU,D16 EU-LBT)

10/08/2019    DJI FPV Goggles and accessories. Permalink
FPV-PART17 DJI FPV Part 13 - Head Band
FPV-PART13 DJI FPV Part 13 - Goggles Mask
FPV-PART12 DJI FPV Part 12 - Goggles Antenna
FPV-PART11 DJI FPV Part 11 - Goggles DC Power Cable
FPV-PART09 DJI FPV Part 09 - Air Unit Coaxial Cable
FPV-PART10 DJI FPV Part 10 - Air Unit 3-in-1 Cable
FPV-PART07 DJI FPV Part 07 - Air Unit Antenna Conversion Cable (MMCX 90 degree to SMA)
FPV-PART06 DJI FPV Part 06 - Air Unit Antenna Conversion Cable (MMCX to SMA)
FPV-PART05 DJI FPV Part 05 - Air Unit Antenna (SMA)
FPV-PART04 DJI FPV Part 04 - Air Unit Antenna (MMCX)
FPV-PART03 DJI FPV Part 03 - Air Unit Antenna (MMCX 90 degree)
DJI-FPV04 DJI FPV Remote Controller/ Transmitter (Mode 2)
DJI-FPV03 DJI FPV Remote Controller/ Transmitter (Mode 1)
DJI-FPV07 DJI Digital FPV Goggles Fly More Combo (Mode 1)
DJI-FPV06 DJI Digital FPV Goggles Fly More Combo (Mode 2)
DJI-FPV02 DJI Digital FPV Goggles
DJI-FPV01 DJI FPV Air Unit (W/ Camera)
DJI-FPV05 DJI Digital FPV Experience Combo

09/07/2019    DJI Ronin SC gimbal stabilizer and Ronin Series accessories and spar parts. Permalink
RONIN-NO48 DJI Ronin Part 48- Wireless Thumb Controller Receiver
RONIN-SC09 DJI Ronin-SC Part 9- RSS Control Cable for Panasonic
RONIN-SC05 DJI Ronin-S/ SC - Camera Riser
RONIN-SC03 DJI Ronin-SC Part 3 - Multi-Camera Control Adapter (Type-C to Micro-USB)
RONIN-SC02 DJI Ronin-SC Part 2 - Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-C)
RONIN-SC01 DJI Ronin-SC Part 01 - Multi-Camera Control Cable (Multi-USB)
RONIN-NO21 DJI Ronin-S Part 21 - External GPS Module
RONIN-NO20 DJI Ronin-S Part 20 - Universal Mount
RONIN-NO19 DJI Ronin-S Part 19 - Focus Gear Strip
RONIN-NO18 DJI Ronin-S Part 18 - Focus Motor Rod Mount
RONIN-NO17 DJI Ronin-S / SC Part 17 - Focus Motor
RONIN-SCTZ DJI Ronin SC Gimbal Stabilizer - Professional Combo
RONIN-SC DJI Ronin SC Gimbal Stabilizer

09/06/2019    New chargers. Permalink
B6-LITE SKYRC B6 Lite 220W 13A Smart Charger
EV-PEAKAD3 EV-Peak AD3+ AC/DC 15A 150W x 2 Multi Function Intelligent Touch DUO Balance Charger/Discharger

08/14/2019    DJI OSMO Series accessories and spare parts. Permalink
MAVIC-NO96 DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise - GPS Module
OSMO-AC08 DJI Osmo Action - Frame Kit
OSMO-AC05 DJI Osmo Action - USB-C Cover
OSMO-AC04 DJI Osmo Action - Lens Filter Cap
OSMO-AC02 DJI Osmo Action - Adhesive Mount Kit
OSMO-ACTIO DJI Osmo Action Camera
OSMO-PK15 DJI Osmo Pocket - Anti-fog Film
OSMO-PK04 DJI Osmo Pocket - Waterproof Case
OSMO-PK01 DJI Osmo Pocket - Extension Rod
OSMO-NO08 DJI Osmo Pocket - 3.5mm Audio Adapter
OSMO-NO07 DJI Osmo Pocket - ND Filters Kit
OSMO-NO06 DJI Osmo Pocket - Controller Wheel
OSMO-NO05 DJI Osmo Pocket - Wireless Module
OSMO-KDXJ DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal Camera
OSMO-NO03 DJI Osmo Pocket - Accessory Mount

08/13/2019    Coming soon: Jumper T16 multi-protocol radio. Permalink
JPT16-RT Jumper T16 OpenTX Radio with JP4-in-1 Multi-protocol RF Module - Model 1
JPT16-LT Jumper T16 OpenTX Radio with JP4-in-1 Multi-protocol RF Module - Model 2

07/24/2019    DJI Phantom 4 series spare parts. Permalink
PH4P-NO27 DJI Phantom 4 PRO / P4P V2.0 - Left ESC Board
PH4P-NO26 DJI Phantom 4 PRO / P4P V2.0 - Right ESC Board
PH4P-NO25 DJI Phantom 4 PRO / P4P V2.0 - Main Controller Board
PH4P-NO24 DJI Phantom 4 PRO / P4P V2.0 - Vision Positioning Module
PH4P-NO23 DJI Phantom 4 PRO / P4P V2.0 - 3-IN-1 Board Module
PH4P-NO22 DJI Phantom 4 PRO / P4P V2.0 - NO.17 Forward Vision Module
PH4P-NO21 DJI Phantom 4 PRO / P4P V2.0 - NO.18 Rearward Vision Module
PH4P-NO20 DJI Phantom 4 PRO - 3-in-1 Board Module
PH4A-NO10 DJI Phantom 4 Advanced (ADV) - 3-in-1 Board Module
PHAN4-NO52 DJI Phantom 4 RTK - Antenna Protective Cover
PHAN4-NO51 DJI Phantom 4 RTK - Upper Cover
PHAN4-NO56 DJI Phantom 4 - Vision Positioning Module
PHAN4-NO55 DJI Phantom 4 - Forward Vision Module Part 51
PHAN4-NO54 DJI Phantom 4 - 3-in-1 Board Module Part 52
PHAN4-NO53 DJI Phantom 4 - GPS Module
P4-PART79 DJI Phantom 4 / Phantom 4 Pro - 9450S Quick-release Propeller CW/CCW Propeller Base

07/23/2019    DJI Matrice 600/ 600 Pro spare parts. Permalink
M600-NO65 DJI Matrice 600 Pro - Aircraft Arm Kit (M6)
M600-NO64 DJI Matrice 600 Pro - Aircraft Arm Kit (M5)
M600-NO63 DJI Matrice 600 Pro - Aircraft Arm Kit (M4)
M600-NO62 DJI Matrice 600 Pro - Aircraft Arm Kit (M3)
M600-NO61 DJI Matrice 600 Pro - Aircraft Arm Kit (M2)
M600-NO60 DJI Matrice 600 Pro - Aircraft Arm Kit (M1)
M600-NO59 DJI Matrice 600 / 600 Pro - Gimbal vibration absorber
M600-NO54 DJI Matrice 600 Pro - Landing Gear Base Left
M600-NO52 DJI Matrice 600 Pro - Landing Gear Base Right
M600-NO56 DJI Matrice 600 - Tail light component
M600-NO55 DJI Matrice 600 - Carbon component of central board (with protection ring)
M600-NO51 DJI Matrice 600 - Heat Dissipation Fan
M600-NO50 DJI Matrice 600 - Top cover of central board


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