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  HiModel Major updates:  

09/07/2023    FrSky receivers. Permalink
FRAPGR8 FrSky Archer Plus GR8 8-CH Receiver W/ Variometer
FRAPGR6 FrSky Archer Plus GR6 6-CH Receiver W/ Variometer
APSR12 FrSky Archer Plus SR12+ 12-CH Receiver W/ Variometer
FETDSR18 FrSky TD SR18 18-Channel Dule-band Self-stablize Receiver
FRTDR12 FrSky TD R12 12-Channel Dule-band Receiver
FRTDSR12 FrSky TD SR12 12-Channel Dule-band Receiver

07/18/2023    New arrivals: FrSky Receivers etc. Permalink
SR8-PLUS FrSky ACCESS SR8 PLUS 8-CH PWM Receiver S.Bus Output
FR-TWR8 FrSky TW R8 Dual 2.4G 8PWM-Channel Receiver
FR-TWGR8 FrSky TW GR8 Dual 2.4G 8PWM-Channel Receiver W/ variometer
FR-TWMX FrSky TW MX Dual 2.4G 4PWM-Channel Receiver
FR-TWR6 FrSky TW R6 Dual 2.4G 6PWM-Channel Receiver
FR-TWGR6 FrSky TW GR6 Dual 2.4G 6PWM-Channel Receiver W/ variometer
FR-TWIN FrSky TWIN Lite Pro Dual 2.4G RF Module
HDZERO FrSky HDZero Nano Lite FPV System - Air

03/23/2023    FrSky receivers and accessories. Permalink
FR-XHT FrSky XHT 2.4G RF Module
R9MX-EU FrSky 900MHz Receiver R9MX-EU
FR-TDR6 FrSky 2.4G & 900MHz Dual-band 6CH Receiver TD R6
FR-IPEX1 FrSky IPEX1 Antenna (for R9 slim+ receiver)

09/07/2022    Boat accessories. Permalink
16-3044 95mm Aluminum Alloy Water Absorbing Steering Rudder
16-3042 55 x 21mm Steering Rudder Blades (suit for boats 60-75cm)
16-3043 75mm Aluminum Alloy Water Absorbing Steering Rudder
16-3041 Rescue Hook for RC Boat - Large
16-3040 Rescue Hook for RC Boat - Medium
16-3039 4mm Shaft Support for RC Boat
16-3038 82mm Aluminum Alloy Rudder Blades
16-3037 68x25mm Aluminum Alloy Rudder Blades
16-3036 110mm Aluminum Alloy Water Absorbing Steering RC Boat Rudder W/4mm Shaft Stand for CAT Boat
16-3035 52mm Aluminum Alloy Water Absorbing Steering RC Boat Rudder (suit for 30-50cm boats)
16-3034 36/40mm CNC Aluminium Dual-motor Mount for CAT Boat
16-3067 HiModel Aluminum Dual-sided Steering Arm - D3 mm
16-3066 HiModel Aluminum Dual-sided Steering Arm - D4 mm
16-3065 HiModel Aluminum Dual-sided Steering Arm - D5 mm

06/16/2022    FrSky receivers and sensors. Permalink
FR-FLVS FrSky FLVS ADV Voltage Sensor
FR-ASS100 FrSky ASS100 ADV Airspeed Sensor
FR-VARI FrSky VARI ADV Variometer Sensor
FR-FAS100 FrSky 0-100A Current Sensor FAS100 ADV
FR-FAS40 FrSky 0-40A Current Sensor FAS40 ADV
FR-TDR18 FrSky TD R18 2.4G & 900MHz Dual Band 18Ch Receiver
FR-TDR10 FrSky TD R10 2.4G & 900MHz Dual Band 10Ch Receiver
FR-TDMX FrSky TD MX 2.4G & 900MHz Dual Band 4Ch Receiver

06/15/2022    Corona receivers. Permalink
COR-M610 CORONA 2.4Ghz Mini 16-Channel Mini Receiver M610 (D16 compatible)
COR-F6D8 CORONA 2.4Ghz 6-Channel PWM/ SBUS Receiver F6D8 (D8 compatible)
COR-M6D8 CORONA 2.4Ghz Mini 8-Channel Receiver M6D8 (D8 compatible)
COR-F610 CORONA 2.4Ghz 6-Channel PWM/ SBUS Receiver F610 (D16 compatible)

05/27/2022    Power HD Servos and programming box. Permalink
PG-CB63 PowerHD Servo Programming Card/ box PG-CB63
POWER-TR5 PowerHD 35g/8.8kg/ .06sec All Metal HV Waterproofing Mini Servo TR-5
WH-80KG PowerHD 80Kg Large Torque All Metal Digital Servo (for Arrma 1/5, Axial 1/6 crawler)
POWER-S15M PowerHD 57.5g/ 16.5Kg Large Torque All Metal Digital Servo S15-M

05/26/2022    Hobbywing UBEC and ESC. Permalink
PLT150A Hobbywing Platinum 150A 3-8S Speed Control Platinum Pro HV-150A | V5
BEC5A-V2 Hobbywing 5A 2-8S UBEC UBEC-5A-V2-Air
BEC10A-HV Hobbywing 10A 2-6S UBEC UBEC-10A-V2-Car

05/24/2022    Connectors. Permalink
MX10MPX MX10 10-pin Quick Release Connector Male/Female
2W9MPX FPV Airplane 9 + 2 Quick Release Connector Male/Female W/ Power Pins
JX-6MPX JX6 Quick Release Connector Male/Female MPX Connector
JX-4MPX JX4 Quick Release Connector Male/Female
JSTWIRFM JST Connector with Silicon Wire - Female (Battery side) 10pcs

05/21/2022    HobbyEable A3 series flight controllers for airplanes. Permalink
A3-MINI HobbyEagle A3 Mini 6-axis Gyro Flight Controller/ Stabilizer
A3PRO-V2 HobbyEagle A3 Pro 6-axis Gyro Flight Controller/ Stabilizer | V2
A3-EVO HobbyEagle Aeroplane 6-axis Gyro Flight Controller/ Stabilizer A3 EVO


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