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HiModel Dealer Login (For Dealers only)

If you are not a HiModel Dealer, please click the My Account link on the top of
the page to login or to access your Account.
How do I become a HiModel dealer and have my own dealer account?
Step 1. Register a member account with HiModel at HiModel Member Regestration Page .
Step 2. Offer the following documents together with the Member Account ID you registered, should you fulfill the following conditions, we will upgrade your account into a dealer's account.
  • Your business operates on a full-time basis.
  • Copy of your company's registration or tax certificate.
  • You place a minimum opening order of at least $1,000 and maintain a minimum of $500 monthly purchases.
  • Step 3.Your application will be reviewed by HiModel and we will notify you regarding the outcome. If accepted, your account will be upgraded into a dealer's account.

    **Your account will be freezed if you did not maintain a minimum monthly purchases of $500 in 2 continuous months.

    **All dealers must keep your account and the information offered by HiModel dealer's system as business confidential between you and HiModel, your account will be permanently abolished once been found shared your account with others or expose any information to public. HiModel reserve all rights of claiming for compensation any losses caused thereby.

    Please E-mail your information to
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