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HiModel - Your China R/C Sourcing Solution
 - Your Purchasing office in China

HiModel was established in 2003, it is one of the largest yet fastest-growing RC hobby supplier and exporter in China, specialising in R/C electric accessories and general parts. Now we have 14500+ items in stock, customers and dealers are from 131 countries/regions in the world.

HiModel is widely known for its professional, efficiency, good service and competitive prices.

We have established very good relationships with all major R/C manufacturers in China. We would like to bridge the gap between you and Chinese R/C manufacturers with our reasonable competitive prices and continuous improving service, to enlarge both our business scope.

We also appointed some factories to produce merchandises for us, All products branded with HiModel are strictly under our inspection and comply with our specifications. We promise that the performance and quality of all products branded under the HiModel trademark are in agreement with our concessionary OEM products.

HiModel is a wholesale oriented supplier, we are seeking for distributors who have strength and good outstanding achievement worldwide as HiModel dealers, but we will restrain the quantity of dealers in a country/ region to avoide over-competition. Commonly, we will choose one or two dealers in a country. Of course, we will consider supplying more than two dealers in those countries where our products are in high demand. we will not appoint or consign an exclusive agent in any particular country to a new dealer, and only consider appoint exclusive distributors once we cooperated for at least over 6 months and established a very satisfied relationship, the priority of exclusive distributor will be given to those dealers who sharing the same idea of business and willing to promote HiModel products and brand. We will not sale to those countries or regions once we appointed an exclusive distributors except the distributor only carries a very limited variety of HiModel inventory.

From HiModel, besides those HiModel products, you can also enjoy our one-stop purchasing service, you can purchase all major China and Asia origined R/C products at competitive prices, and for those items we do not carry currently, you can just give us your lists, and we will contact the manufacturers and place the order on your behalf with very low handling fee.

HiModel is your R/C sourcing solution from China, HiModel is your purchaseing office in China, We are waiting for you to explore the business opportunities between the two markets, please contact us just today.

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