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   Electric (Brushless) Motors & Accessories Electric Brushless Motors - Outrunner SUNNYSKY X2820 1100KV Outrunner Brushless Motor
SKU:  X2820-05
SUNNYSKY X2820 1100KV Outrunner Brushless Motor
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  Tags: SUNNYSKY  X2820  1100KV  Outrunner  Brushless  Motor 

KV (rpm/v): 110
Non-load current: 10V/2.5A
Weight: 140g
Diameter: 35mm
Length: 58.5mm/ 40mm (with shaft/ without motor shaft)
Motor Shaft Diameter(mm): 5
Prop adaptor output shaft diameter: 6mm

X2820 KV1100        
Testing Data (for reference only):        
Propeller Type Voltage Current Thrust(G) Power(W) G/W Ratio
JXF13x6 Wood 7.4V 37A 1.6kg 273.8 5.84
  8.5V 43.7A 1.96kg 371.45 5.27
  9V 50A 2.18kg 450 4.84
  10V 54.1A 2.55kg 541 4.71
  10.5V 58.2A 2.72kg 611.1 4.45
  11V 62A 2.85kg 682 4.17
EMP12x6 7.4V 31.2A 1.5kg 230.88 6.49
  8.5V 35.7A 1.74kg 303.45 5.73
  9.5V 42A 2.1kg 399 5.26
  10V 46.5A 2.32kg 465 4.98
  10.5V 48.9A 2.52kg 513.45 4.9
  11V 52.1A 2.65kg 573.1 4.62
EMP11x5.5 10V 32.6A 1.72kg 326 5.27
  11V 37A 2.0kg 407 4.91
  12V 42.8A 2.28kg 513.6 4.43
  13V 46.4A 2.65kg 603.2 4.39
  14V 52A 2.9kg 728 3.98
  14.8V 56.6A 3.15kg 837.68 3.76
1 x motor
1 x prop adaptor
1 x cross type motor mount
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