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Multi-rotor aircrafts and accessories
   Multi-rotors Kit & Frame Tarot X4 Quadcopter Umbrella Folding Arm Frame Kit TL4X001
SKU:  TL4X001
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Tarot X4 Quadcopter Umbrella Folding Arm Frame Kit TL4X001
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  Tags: Tarot  X4  Quadcopter  Umbrella  Folding  Arm  Frame  Kit  TL4X001 

TAROT X4 multi-copter is a multi-axis flight vector designed for professional aerial photographers. Its standard equipments are new electric retractable folding landing gear, umbrella type folding arm. The integrated PCB board wire makes the wire of the power and ESC more efficient and safety, which provide adequate space for the installation of various flight control systems.

TAROT X4 adopts 4-rotor 6015 brushless motor to provide sufficient power. The whole kit is of lightweight, portable and convenient.

Tarot X4 Quadcopter Umbrella Folding Arm Frame Kit TL4X001

Brand Name: Tarot
Item Name: FPV 4 Axis Quadcopter Folding Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 960 mm
Centre Plate Diameterr:330mm
Arm length: 392mm
Folding Propeller Specifications: 22-24inch
Single Arm Weight:113G
Undercarriage Clearance Height: 395mm
Hover Time: 18min
Working Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Configuration Suggestion (NOT included):
Battery: 15C 22.2V 10000-20000mAh
Propeller: 2250
Brushless ESC 60A 6S
Motor: 6015 CW/CCW 
TL6X005 X series rhombic body shell cover for frame kit
1x Tarot X4 quadcopter frame kit

* This is the frame kit only, motors, ESCs, Flight controllers etc. are NOT included.
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