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    Affiliate Program
  Affiliate Terms of Service Agreement  2006-08-12
  Can I participate if I reside outside of China?  2006-08-12
  Where do I get the required links and banners to be an affiliate?  2006-08-12
  How do I track my sales activity and commissions?  2006-08-12
  Do I have to have a web site to become an affiliate?  2006-08-12
  Can I use my commission towards HiModel products?  2006-08-12
  How do you know which affiliate to pay for a sale?  2006-08-12
  Does HiModel access unique information on customers or site visitors?  2006-08-12
  What about customers who have their cookies disabled?  2006-08-12
  How do you track my affiliate transactions?  2006-08-12
  What technical skills do affiliates need to have?  2006-08-12
  When and how often will I be paid?  2006-08-12
  How much can I earn?  2006-08-12
  How long will it take to become a HiModel Affiliate?  2006-08-12
  How do I sign up to be a HiModel Affiliate?  2006-08-12
  What is an Affiliate Program?  2006-08-12

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