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    Making Payments
  What should I do once arrange the payment?  2008-04-23
  Why I receive an error message of "This payment cannot be funded with a credit card at this time."?  2007-12-20
  I have made payment via Paypal, why the order system still shows 'The payment due is awaited'?  2007-04-09
  What is Intermediary Bank Charge? and how to avoid this charge?  2006-12-04
  How could I make a payment via credit card?  2006-10-25
  How could I make a payment via Paypal?  2006-10-25
  I living in China, can I pay in RMB?  2006-07-11
  What is the additional code when I pay via on-line credit card system and why I was asked to input the additional code?  2006-03-11
  How to arrange a T/T ( bank wire transfer ) payment?  2006-03-03
  What payment methods are accepted when ordering form HiModel?  2006-03-03
  What is Verified by Visa / 3-D secure?  2006-03-03
  Can you charge my credit card by offering you my card details?  2006-03-02

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