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   Radios Servos & Accessories Digital Servo & Accessories FeeTech 7.4V 20kg Metal Gear 180 degree Digital Servo FT5320M
   Radios Servos & Accessories Special Servos (Large Torque/Large Scale/Sale Winch/Retract ect.)
SKU:  FT5320
FeeTech 7.4V 20kg Metal Gear 180 degree Digital Servo FT5320M
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  Tags: FeeTech  7.4V  20kg  Metal  Gear  180  degree  Digital  Servo  FT5320M 


FeeTech 7.4V 20kg Metal Gear 180 degree Digital Servo FT5320M

型 号 Model:


产品名称 Product Name:

7.4V 20kg.cm数码180度铝中壳铜齿轮铁芯舵机/7.4V Digital 180 Degree Aluminum Medium Shell Copper Gear Iron Core Servo

存储温度 Storage Temperature Range-30℃~80℃
运行温度 Operating Temperature Range:-20℃~60℃

尺寸 Size:

A:55mm B:20mm C: 43mm 

重量 Weight:


齿轮类型 Gear type:

铜 Copper Gear

机构极限角度 Limit angle:

NO limit

轴承 Bearing:Ball bearings
出力轴 Horn gear spline:


摆臂 Horn type:Plastic
外壳 Case:PA+A lumi num
舵机线 Connector wire:30CM
马达 Motor:

Core Motor

工作电压Operating Voltage Range:


静态电流Idle current (atstopped) 6MA@7.4V

空载速度 No load speed:


空载电流 Runnig current(at no load) :120mA@7.4V

堵转扭矩 Peak stall torque:

额定扭矩 Rated torque:

堵转电流 Stall current:3A@7.4V
控制信号Command si gnalPulse width modification
放大器类型Amplifier typeDigital compara tor
脉冲宽度范围Pulse width range500~2500 μ  sec
中立位置Stop position1500 μ sec
旋转角度Running degree

180° (at 500- > 2500 μ sec)

死区宽度Dead band width≤4 μ sec
旋转方向Rotating direction逆时针 Counterclockwise (在1500→2000 μ sec)

1 x servo
1 x accessory bag
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