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   Multi-rotors Flight Controller (FC) Tarot ZYX-M Flight Control System for Multicopters
   FPV/ Aerial Photography Flight Controller/OSD/ GPS/ Stablizer
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Tarot ZYX-M Flight Control System for Multicopters
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Features and advantages:

A flight control system to change your flying experience
Tarot ZYX-M flight control system gathers a number of new science and technology, which simplifies the complex and bored adjusting process, redefines the flight to brings minimalist operation. Because of it, the scenery along the flying way is so closer to you than before.


Closer to you, completely new operating feeling
The intelligent flight control was born for improving flight experience, especially ZYX-M is so. Through the advanced inertial navigation and intelligent navigation control algorithm, to make the aircraft gain both stability and controllability. You can set up the aircraft’s pitch, roll and yaw characteristics according to your own needs in the adjusting software, as to your special flight feeling.


For flying safety, thinking more than you
Tarot ZYX-M flight control system knows your multi copter completely, for safety, it is more comprehensive than you thinking, it can provide a variety of abnormal state protection, but also in unusual circumstances timely to remind you to do the proper operation. Setting flight range and no fly zone protection and other functions are included, to make the aircraft in a controllable range in smooth flight time.


Software download:


Main Controller features: 
● 32 bit processor, with powerful computing ability

● Built-in sensor damping, super shock proof ability

● All metal case, providing complete protection

● Support dual S-BUS receiver

● Support double DSM satellite receiver, proving reliable and security remote control.

● PTZ control special interface, control new TAROT platform directly




GPS module:

  • ● Highly efficient GPS receiver
  • ● High gain antenna
  • ● Fast and accurate locating



PMU module:
  • ● Dual power output
  • ● Supports power output to flight controller, gimbal, and video TX in the same time
  • ● Integrated voltage test
  • ● Low voltage alarm



LED indicator:
  • ● Indicates the multi-copter status in real-time
  • ● Standard accessory: USB module




Adjusting software interface







1 x Tarot ZYX-M Flight Control System 

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