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Multi-rotor aircrafts and accessories
   Multi-rotors Kit & Frame Tarot T18 25mm Carbon Fiber UAV FPV Octocopter Frame Kit TL18T00
SKU:  TL18T00
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Tarot T18 25mm Carbon Fiber UAV FPV Octocopter Frame Kit TL18T00
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  Tags: Tarot T18 25mm Carbon Fiber UAV FPV Octocopter Frame Kit TL18T00 

Widely applied to UAV remote sensing, mapping, shooting, aerial reconnaissance, patrol agricultural disaster monitoring, cable plant protection, etc. For mobile performance requirements that need high, large load equipment which takes long navigation time.

- Suitable for 5DII RED EPIC C300 FS100 FS700 camera FPV use
- Adopts 3K carbon fiber tube and 2.5mm thickness carbon fiber plate
- High flatness, light weight, creep resistant, high strength and strong vibration resistance, etc
- Folding structure simplfied assembly process
- Multifunctional T15 detachable battery mounting plate (not included) can reduce impact damage
- Suitable for 12mm dia gimbal mounting set and all gimbal which center pitch is 155mm

Tarot T18 25mm Carbon Fiber UAV FPV Octocopter Frame Kit TL18T00

- Tube Diameter: 25MM
- wheelbase:1270MM
- wing span:1320MM
- Height:420CM
- Center boards diameter:301×209×2.5MM
- Motor mounting hole diamater:suitable for 16MM/19MM/25MM/27MM equilateral triangle type installation

Configuration Suggestion (NOT included):

- Recommend Propeller: TL2831/TL2813/TL2812 17-18inch prop
- Recommend motor:TAROT 5008/340KV TL96020
- Recommend battery:6S 22.2V 15000-20000MHA
- brushless ESC:35-40A
- Payload:11kg

- T15/T18 battery mounting plate TL15T01×2
- T15/T18 Aluminium set TL15T02 ×2
- T15/T18 Metal strengthening plate TL15T03 ×1
- T18 Folding Carbon fiber tube TL18T01 ×4
- T18 Folding Carbon fiber tube TL18T02 ×4
- Tarot T15/T18 Fixture  TL15T06×2
- T15 cover plate: TL15T07 ×1
- GPS Folding holder TL15T08 ×1
- T810/T960 landing skid TL96013×1
- Multiaxial spacing TL96021×4
- T810/T960 Mounting set TL96014×1
- 8 in i assembly hub TL100B14 ×1
- Metal lock holder TL9605×8
- Φ25MM Motor mounting plate orange TL9602×2
- Φ25MM Motor mounting plate black TL9603×6
- Titanium knife ×1
- tarot sticker ×8
- Color to sticker set×2
- Magic stiker ×2
- User manual x1
- Color box x1

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