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Multi-rotor aircrafts and accessories
   Multi-rotors Flight Controller (FC) Tarot OSD Module W/ GPS For 250mm 300 Quadcopter TL300L
   FPV/ Aerial Photography Flight Controller/OSD/ GPS/ Stablizer
SKU:  TL300L
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Tarot OSD Module W/ GPS For 250mm 300 Quadcopter TL300L
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The Tarot OSD is compatible  with Tarot mini 250/300 and other FPV multicopter. There are Chinese and  English interface, each parameter can be set on the monitor. The OSD comes with  the barometer sensor and GPS module, which make the altitude and location more  precisely. Tarot mini 250/300 frame has hole to install the OSD, it will be  easy to install the OSD on those frame. 
OSD iamge overlay system  has the following function: battery voltage/ flight time/flight speed/ flight altitude/home direction/distance from home/accumulative flight distance/elevator  rate/longitude and latitude/satellite quantity/azimuth and etc.

OSD Image Overlay System  Button Function:
After start it, short press it to save the location of the home (the position where  the mutlicopter take off). Long press it will enter the “Setup Menu”
Press it  for two times can switch the video format. The video format can change in  Setup Menu.
In Setup Menu, short press is to choose the settings, long press is to save or confirm.
Test the real voltage of the battery by  multimeter, enter battery voltage calibration, vand set it to the voltage you  tested, and then quit. Calibrate the voltage could only use the 3S 11.1V.

Tarot OSD Module W/ GPS For 250mm 300 Quadcopter TL300L

Chinese and English  Interface
Dual voltage detection  range: 0-16.8V/0-30V
Video output: NTSC or  PAL
Working Voltage: 7-16.8V
Working Current: 100mah  (12V)
Dimension of OSD: 46 x  26 x 8mm
Weight: 20g (GPS  include)

1x OSD Image Overlay System 
1x GPS 
1x User Manual 

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