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Multi-rotor aircrafts and accessories
   Multi-rotors Frame Parts/ Accessories Tarot Dia 16mm Motor Suspension Seat - Red TL68B33
SKU:  TL68B33
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Tarot Dia 16mm Motor Suspension Seat - Red TL68B33
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Tarot TL68B33 reduces interference for high-frequency vibration motor flight controller, effectively improve operational performance flight controller. It uses 6061T6 aluminum full CNC precision machining, suitable for Dia16MM multiaxial carbon tube DIY unmanned aerial vehicles.
Lightweight two-tone metal overall design has a strong impact perspective effect, provide a good visual direction for the body in the air. Motor mounting pitch: 16MM / 19MM / 25MM / 27MM equilateral triangle installation.


Tarot Dia 16mm Motor Suspension Seat - Red TL68B33

Tarot TL68B33 top view


Carbon fixed piece x 1 (53.5 x 58 x 1.6MM) 6G
Metal motor fixed upper holder x 1 (78 x 54 x 10.5MM) 11.4G
Metal motor fixed lower holder x 1 (30 x 15 x 9MM) 3.0G
M3 x 10MM large cap Hexagon collar screw x 4
M3 x 8MM Cup Head Hexagon stapped Screws x 2
Dia3.2 hexagonal shock ring x 4 (7 x 8MM) 0.3G
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