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Multi-rotor aircrafts and accessories
   Multi-rotors Frame Parts/ Accessories Tarot 3-Axis Gimbal Shock Absorbing Assembly TL100A17
SKU:  TL100A17
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Tarot 3-Axis Gimbal Shock Absorbing Assembly TL100A17
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  Tags: Tarot 3-Axis Gimbal Shock Absorbing Assembly TL100A17 

- Applicable to TAROT 3 Axis Gimbal (full-frame) TL100AAA and TAROT 3 -Axis Gimbal (non full-frame) TL100ABB.
-  3K pure carbon fiber plate CNC processed.
-  Unique shock absorbing design avoids high frequency vibration affecting gimbal stability.
- Main frame connecting unit is 6061T6 aluminum alloy applied.

Note: you can decide the amount and specification of damper you want based on camera weight (Black damper hardness: 32 degree, blue damper hardness: 40 degree)

Tarot 3-Axis Gimbal Shock Absorbing Assembly TL100A17

Suitable for : Tarot T810 / T960

1x 2.5mm 3K upper carbon fiber plate
1x 2.5mm 3K lower carbon fiber plate 
16x  M3x5mm socket button hexagonal screw 
4x  M3x25mm cup head hexagonal screw 
8x Blue damper (Hardness: 40) 
8x  Black damper (Hardness: 32) 
8x M3H5x20mm aluminum hexagonal bolt 
1x Metal main plate connecting unit  (33x33x16.5mm)
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