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   Electric BEC / UBEC HiModel 3 Amps. 5V / 6V Switch-Mode UBEC
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HiModel 3 Amps. 5V / 6V Switch-Mode UBEC
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●The UBEC is an advanced switching regulator, provides over-current and over-heat protection function, and the witching frequency is 300KHz.The max efficiency of this chip is 92%
●The smallest size and the lightest weight make it convenient to use.
●The comparison of linear BEC and switch-mode BEC: When using a lithium battery pack more than 3S, a switch-mode BEC has much higher efficiency than linear BEC.
For a traditional linear BEC, For example, a 4s lithium battery pack has a typical voltage of 14.8V, in order to let BEC output 5V/1A, the current flow into BEC is at least 1A, so the power on BEC is 14.8V* 1A=14.8W. But the useful output power is only 5V*1A=5W, so the efficiency of BEC is just 5W/14.8W=33.8%, the redundant power 14.8W-5W=9.8W changes to heat, which makes the BEC very hot.
For a switch-mode BEC in the above case, in order to let BEC output 5V/1A, the current flow into BEC is only 0.38A (actual test data), so the power on BEC is 14.8V* 0.38A =5.6W, and the efficiency of BEC is 5W/5.6W=89.3%.
●Don’t worry about the polarity of battery pack, if the polarity is not correct, the UBEC can’t work, but it will not be destroyed. What you need to do is just swap the battery pack polarity.
●A shield covers almost all the electronic components on PCB, and a ferrite ring is attached with the output wires to decrease the electromagnetic interference.
●If the UBEC is supplied with a switch, it allows the power to the RC components (receiver, servos, etc) to be controlled via this switch. Please note that the “ON” & “OFF” state of the switch are logically reversed with the output state of the UBEC. When the switch is “ON” (switch closed), the UBEC output is shutdown, when the switch is “OFF” (switch opened), the UBEC output is normal. This feature allows the switch to be cut off if it is not needed (saving weight) which allows power to RC components to be controlled in the usual way by connecting and disconnecting the main battery pack. (The switch is optional )

Output: 5V/3A and 6V/3A switchable
Ripple: <50mVp-p(@2A/12V)
Input: 5.5V-23V (2-5S lithium battery pack, 5-15 cells NiMh / NiCd battery pack)
Size: 41.6mm*16.6mm*7.0mm (length*width*height)
Weight: 6g(input and output cables are not included); 9g(cables are included)
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