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   Radios Radio Sets RF Module / Receivers & Accy Radiolink 2.4G R6DS Dual 6CH RC Receiver (for Radiolink AT9/ AT10)
   Radios Receivers & Accessories 5 - 6 Ch. Receivers
Radiolink 2.4G R6DS Dual 6CH RC Receiver (for Radiolink AT9/ AT10)
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  Tags: Radiolink receiver R6DS AT9 AT10 

As to remote control devices, a receiver plays a significant role in whole performance. Here comes this New 2.4G R6D Dual 6CH Channel RC Receiver for Radiolink Transmitter AT9 AT10 which will keep stable and smooth flight performance during your usage. It is made with superior material with highly sophisticated workmanship, guaranteed durability and reliability. Highly suitable for RC model, this receiver features fast response, high speed and easy operation. It won't let you down!

1. DSSS anti-jamming technology, strong interference effect
2. PPM and PWM output can simultaneously double signal
3. All channels feature 3ms fast response at the same time
4. The best replacement for the damaged one
5. Support 6V maximum voltage input
6. Mini appearance, easy for installation and operation
7. The integrated signal intensity return

Radiolink 2.4G R6DS Dual 6CH RC Receiver (for Radiolink  AT9/ AT10)

1. Number of Channels: Red Light: 6 PWM Signal Path, Blue Light: 10CH
2. Max Input Voltage: 6V
3. Working Current: 38-45mA (Input Voltage 5V)
4. Resolution: 4096
5. Response: 3ms
6. Compatible with: RadioLink AT9 AT10 Transmitter
7. Dimensions: (1.34 x 0.59 x 0.39)" / (3.4 x 1.5 x 1)cm (L x W x H)
8. Weight: 0.49oz / 14g
1 x receiver R6DS

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