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   Radios Receivers & Accessories Receiver (RX) Accy FrSky Archer GR8 ACCESS Receiver W/ Variometer (Support OTA )
   Radios Receivers & Accessories 7 - 9 Ch. Receivers
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FrSky Archer GR8 ACCESS Receiver W/ Variometer (Support OTA )
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The ARCHER GR8 receiver features the new ACCESS protocol. ACCESS provides the lower latency and increased performance of our previous G-RX8 receivers. With OTA (Over-The-Air) function support firmware upgrades will be very easy, no more wires. The ARCHER GR8 also has an upgraded high precision variometer that gives pilots more accurate and quicker altitude and vertical speed data. Now you can enjoy more accurate and quicker vario audio feedback from your FrSky ACCESS enabled transmitter.

The ARCHER GR8 maintains its small form factor. Thanks to the ACCESS protocol and hardware optimizations, you can now use 8 high-precision PWM channels and 16 SBUS channels via standard servo connectors at the same time. In addition, any SBUS equipped ACCESS receiver can be connected to the SBUS IN port turning it into a redundant receiver, the GR8 will automatically use the receiver with the best signal. Powering the receiver via a speed control? Simple battery voltage monitoring is now available through the AIN port.


ACCESS protocol with Over The Air (OTA)
Upgraded variometer sensor
Receiver redundancy
8 high-precision PWM channels
SBUS IN & OUT (using standard servo connectors)
S.Port / F.Port and AIN2 (on 4 pin socket)

FrSky Archer GR8 ACCESS Receiver W/ Variometer (Support OTA )

Dimension: 54*20*10mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 9.8g
Number of Channels: 8/24 channels
8 High-precision PWM & 16 SBUS channels
8 High-precision PWM & 24 configurable SBUS channels (Stay tuned)
Operating Voltage Range: 3.5 -10V
Operating Current: <60mA@5V
Operating Range: >2km (Full range)(*Range may vary based on local conditions.)
Variometer Measurement Range
Altimeter Range & Resolution: -700m to 10000m & 0.1m
Vertical Speed Range: ±10m/s
Voltage Measurement Range via AIN2 (External device): 0-3.3V
Compatibility: All FrSky ACCESS transmitters
1 x receiver Archer GR8

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