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   Radios Radio Sets 2.4G Radio System FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Transmitter - Black
   Radios Radio Sets 10 - 14+ Channel Radios
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FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Transmitter - Black
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  Tags: FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Transmitter 

- Quad Ball Bearing Gimbals
- Receiver Match
- Audio Speech Outputs (values, alarms, settings, etc.)
- Antenna Status Detection and adjustment
- Real-time Flight Data Logging
- Receiver Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) Alerts
- Super Low Latency
- Smart Port Supported
- Vibration Alerts
- Model configuration files compatible with TARANIS X9D Plus 

Note: It is the self-centering throttle mode.The throttle stick is always in the neutral position.               It is the FCC version.


FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Transmitter - Black

-  Model Name: Taranis Q X7
- Color: Black
- Operating Voltage Range: 6~15V (2S, 3S Lipos are acceptable)
- Operating Current: 210mA maximum (both RF module and backlit are on)
- Operating Temperature: -10~45
- Backlight LCD Screen: 128*64 outdoor readable LCD
- Model Memories: 60 (extendable by SD card)
- Compatibility: FrSky X series, D series and V8-II series receivers (plus other receivers if an external module is used)

1 x FrSky  Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Transmitter

1 x receiver

* Batteries are NOT included. 
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