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   Radios Radio Sets RF Module / Receivers & Accy FrSky 2.4G S.Port JR/Graupner Type 16ch Duplex Telemetry Module
   FPV/ Aerial Photography Telemetry/ Data logger
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FrSky 2.4G S.Port JR/Graupner Type 16ch Duplex Telemetry Module
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  Tags: FrSky  2.4G  2.4GHZ  two-way  2-way  telemetry  JR/Graupner compatible  smart port 


What's New: 

- Two auto-detected modulations of PXX (mode selection, bind, model match, range check, fail safe, etc. on radio side) or CPPM.
- Three selectable modes of D8 (existing 8ch two-way), D16 (new 16ch two-way full duplex transmission) and LR12 (new 12ch one-way long range)
- Smart Port enabled, realizing two-way full duplex transmission.
- Detect the module antenna's working status and give sound warnings if the module antenna is broken or does not have intact contact, etc.
- Super lower latency (approx. 1/3 of current systems) and higher precision (transmitter's hardware and software support required, such as FrSky transmitters). 


FrSky  2.4G  S.Port JR/Graupner Type 16ch Duplex Telemetry Module

Transmitter module specifications:
Model: XJT
Operating Voltage Range: 6.0V-15.0V
Operating Current: 140mA @6V, 80mA @ 12V
Output Power:  ≤ 100mW
Module Slot: JR/ Graupner type
Modulations: PXX or CPPM (auto-detected)
Modes: D8, D16 or LR12 (selectable)
Telemetry interface: Smart Port, RS232 Serial Port
Upgrade interface: Smart Port, RS232 Serial Port

1 x RF module
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