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   Radios Radio Sets 2.4G Radio System FUTABA 2.4Ghz 10CAP 10-Channel FASST System W/R6014FS Mode 1
SKU:  T10A24M1
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FUTABA 2.4Ghz 10CAP 10-Channel FASST System W/R6014FS Mode 1
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  Tags: FUTABA  2.4Ghz  10CAP  10-Channel  FASST  System  W  R6014FS  Mode  1 

The 2.4GHz system that offers the impossible: Pro-level features at a sport-system price.

Some people feel that a 2.4GHz system with a built-in module will always offer better response than a modular system. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The 10C is a modular system, yet offers response superior to most “dedicated” systems. Why? Because response doesn’t depend on whether your module is built-in or modular. It depends on whether your signal starts in analog or digital form.

Converting a signal from analog to digital form requires processing time — what you experience as lag. The 10C, on the other hand, was designed with a totally digital data stream. The signal starts digital and stays digital. Since no additional processing is needed, there’s no lag, either — just virtually instantaneous, real-time response.

And because the 10C is modular, you can use the TM-10 module to fly 2.4GHz-equipped aircraft…or replace it with a 50 or 72MHz module, and fly existing models without added equipment or expense.
•Big, 160 x 72 LCD with backlighting, adjustable contrast & auto-off
•Dial ‘n Key™ programming w/joystick navigation
•15-Model memory (expandable w/optional CamPACs)
•10-character user name
•10-character model name
•2048 resolution in FASST 10-channel mode
•Basic & Advanced menus
•Enhanced airplane, heli & glider software
•Smart Switch Technology™ (SST) — Logic Switches allow you to activate a function when specified switch and/or stick positions occur
•Up/down on/off timer (activate by stick or switch)
•Tracks service hours for radio and models
•Mode 1-4 selectable (Modes 3 & 4 programmable)
•Assignable functions/switches
•Auxiliary channel screen — for 1-step function/switch assignment & eliminating unused auxiliary functions
•2 proportional slider switches
•Digital trims on all 4 main channels
•Trim memory & sub-trims (all channels)
•Adjustable trim steps (1-40)
•Fail-safe, servo reversing & EPA
•“Full Functionality” trainer system (cord required)
•Flap switch (3-position)
•Retract switch
•Rotary Dial (3)
•Adjustable Throttle Cut/Idle Down
•Sticks w/length & tension adjustments
•Servo cycle w/bar graph displays
•Constant trim, voltage, name and timer display

Advanced Airplane Menu
•8 Programmable Mixes (4 linear/ (4) w/5-point curves)
•9 Factory-Defined Mixes: Elevator-Flap; Ailvator (for dual elevator servos); Throttle-Needle; Aileron Differential; Flaperon; V-Tail; Elevon; Snap Roll; and Air Brake w/elevator delay
•Dual/Triple rates (4 ch.)
•Exponential (4 ch.)
•Idle down
•Throttle cut
•Throttle delay
•Throttle Hold & Idle-up w/delay

•2 independent gyro settings
•7-point throttle curve
•Flap trim

Advanced Heli Menu

The 10C accepts separate gyro sensitivity, governor speed and servo travel rates for up to 4 flight modes — and automatically changes all three when the flight mode changes.
•6 Programmable Mixes (4 linear/ (2) 5-point curves)
•8 Factory-Defined Mixes: Hover-Throttle; Hover-Pitch; Throttle-Needle; Governor; Offset; Revo (5-pt.); Delay; and Throttle Mix (ail/ele/rdr)
•Gyro menu

•8 swash plate types w/graphics
•Swash Plate AFR
•(4) 7-point throttle curves and (5) (including throttle hold) 7-point pitch curves
•Adjustable High/Low pitch setting
•3 Adjustable Idle-up conditions

Advanced Glider Menu

•8 Programmable Mixes (4 linear/ (4) 5-point curves)
•12 Factory-Defined Mixes: Butterfly-Elevator (2); Elevator-Flap; Chamber Mix (w/ail/ele/rdr adj.); Aileron-Flap; Aileron-Rudder; Flaperon; V-Tail; Flap Trim; Butterfly w/spoiler adj; and 4-point Offset (w/camber adj. for basic/launch/thermal/speed)

•Adjustable spoiler
•Adjustable Throttle Cut
•Single/Dual Aileron and Flap Servo Selections
•Start, Speed, Distance & Landing conditions, Adjustable Airbrake Activation
•Adjustable Motor Cut

Enhanced Features:
•(2) Slider Switches
•(3) Rotary Dials
•More Programmable Mixes
•More Factory-Defined Mixes
•R6014FS Receiver
•TM-10 2.4GHz Transmitter Module

R6014FS receiver:
Futaba advanced technology allows the R6014FS to be the first 2.4GHz receiver able to utilize all 14 channels. It retains G3 2048 resolution and Futaba Real Time ResponseTM from the 72 MHz version.

* According to manufacturer, this radio equipment is intended for the use only in Asia/Oceania.
Also we only accept bank wire transfer or western union money transfer for new customers for this item.
1 x Futaba 10CAP Transmitter
1 x 9.6V 700mAh NiMH Transmitter Battery
1 x 4.8V 600mAh NiCd Receiver Battery
1 x RX/TX battery charger 230V, two round pins
1 x R6014FS Receiver
1 x Switch Harness
1 x Instruction manual (English)
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