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   Radios Receivers & Accessories 5 - 6 Ch. Receivers CORONA 2.4Ghz 6-Channel PWM/ SBUS Receiver F610 (D16 compatible)
SKU:  COR-F610
CORONA 2.4Ghz 6-Channel PWM/ SBUS Receiver F610 (D16 compatible)
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  Tags: CORONA  2.4Ghz  6-Channel  PWM  SBUS  Receiver  F610  D16  compatible 

Corona F610 D16 compatible receiver isavailable for any TX that use the old version Frsky D16 protocol, such as Jumper T-LITE, T16, T18,  RadiomasterTX12, TX16s, etc and the FrSky two way telemetry modules: DFT, DJT, DHT, XJT,XJT_lite, etc.


      Six channels of PWM output for servos.

      One SBUS channel for special usage(connect FC or expand servo channel).

 That can be set alarm warning on low voltageand return signal in TX.

CORONA 2.4Ghz 6-Channel PWM/ SBUS Receiver F610 (D16 compatible)


Dimension: 40x18x10mm

Weight: 5g

Operating VoltageRange: 3.5V-10.0V

Operating Current: Max60mA

Operating Range: Fullrange 1.5km

Servo Frame Rate:18ms

SBUS Frame Rate: 9ms

Bind procedure:

First, turnon the TX and swicth to Bind mode. Second, power on the receiver whileholding the F/S button on the receiver (not connect any servo or other device) and you can see agreen LED going on steady on the receiver. And buzzer begins to sound beebee.The red LED on the receiver will flash, indicating the bind iscompleted. Turn off both the transmitter and the receiver. Turnon the transmitter and power on the receiver. The greenLED that going on steady on the receiver indicates that the receiver isreceiving commands from the transmitter.


Failsafe Setting:

    The compatible receivers support failsafeset on the receiver. Turn on the transmitter and power on the receiver. Usercan press and release the F/S button as pictured and all channels data will berecorded by the receiver in the first 30s before receivers and TX are connected.When operating failsafe setting, it is not recommended that servos or otherdevices connect with the receiver. After completing failsafe setting, a stablepower supply to the receiver is recommended.

      Failsafe setting will be cancelled whenresetting the bind procedure


LED Status Indication






No Signal



Good Signal



Not Very Good Signal



Poor Signal

 Range check:

    We suggest user do a range check before flyingany new bind receiver.

1 x receiver
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