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   Radios Radio Sets 7 - 9 Channel Radios 40Mhz JR PCM9X II 9-channel Synthesized Radio System W/ RS10DS, 4x ES539
40Mhz JR PCM9X II 9-channel Synthesized Radio System W/ RS10DS, 4x ES539
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  Tags: 40Mhz  JR  PCM9X  II  9-channel  Synthesized  Radio  System  W  RS10DS  4x  ES539 

The computer-designed, ergonomically-styled transmitter case ensures a comfortable fit in your hands.
You will also be introduced to JR exclusive "Rolling Selector" movement through any programming sequence.

The ultra-precision control sticks offer adjustable spring tensions and length. The throttle stick offers a ratchet in Airplane/Sailplane configuration. Stick modes 1-4 are menu selectable.

30-model memory storage allows programming of all parameters of thirty separate airplanes, sailplanes or helicopters; you can program more than one setup for a single aircraft, allowing you to instantly change the flight characteristics.

■Transmitter Specifications:
Model Number: NET-N239ES
Encoder: 9-channel computer system
RF Module: Plug-in-Module TS-40J
Modulation: PPM/SPCM/ZPCM
Output Power: Approximately 750mw
Current Drain: 200ma
Power Source: 1.2V x 8 Ni-Cd (9.6V) 600mAh
Output Pulse: 1000-2000 (1500 neutral)
Band: 40Mhz
Available Channels:77(40.770), 79(40.790), 81(40.810), 83(40.830) and 85(40.850).

■Receiver Specifications:
Model Number: RS10DS auto scan
Type FM: 10-channel/double conversion new ABC & W circuitry
Sensitivity: 5uV/m
Selectivity: 8Khz/50dB
Channel Selection: Auto search system

Type: ES-539
Speed:0.23 sec
Weight: 38 gm
Size mm (LxWxH): 32.5 x 19 x 38.5mm
Ballbearing: Yes
Motor: Ferrite

Model Number: NEC-322AUS
Input Voltage: AC-240V
Output Current: 50mA TX/100 mA RX
Charging Time: 15 Hours

1 x transmitter
1 x RS10DS auto scan receiver
4 x ES539 servos W/ hardware
1 x 4N1100 Ni-Cd 4.8V/1100mah battery
1 x charger NEC-322AUS

(* Note: we only sell the radio system in complete set, and do not sell the transmitter nor other components separately, so please do not ask.
No TX battery supplied with the radio set)

Mode selection:
The Mode of the sticks can be chosen with the mode selection function of the radio. You can choose from Mode 1, 2, 3 or 4. The transmitter comes set to Mode 1. If Mode 2 or Mode 4 are chosen you will need to remove the back of the transmitter cover and swap the throttle ratchet and elevator spring.

(Refer to Instruction Menual page 22 for more details )

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