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   Radios Radio Sets 7 - 9 Channel Radios 40Mhz FUTABA 7CAP-PCM 7-Channel Digital Proportional R/C System W/R137HP, 3xS3003
SKU:  7CAP40
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40Mhz FUTABA 7CAP-PCM 7-Channel Digital Proportional R/C System W/R137HP, 3xS3003
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  Tags: 40Mhz  FUTABA  7CAP-PCM  7-Channel  Digital  Proportional  R  C  System  W  R137HP  3xS3003 

This is the Futaba 7CAP 7-Channel Computer Aircraft Radio with the R137HP PCM Receiver and 3x S3003 Servos.


10-model memory and 6-character model naming

Same Dial n' Key programming found on Futaba's 9C systems

Basic menu for everyday sport flying, Advanced menu for more complicated routines

Heli and airplane control layouts in FM or PCM

Airplane Specific Features:

* Flaperon
* Flap Trim
* Air Brake
* Elevator to Flap
* Flap to Elevator
* V-Tail Mixing
* Elevon Mixing
* Aileron to Rudder
* Snap
* Mode Select feature
* Fail Safe (in PCM mode only)
* Adjustable throttle cut
* Throttle curve normal (5 points)
* Pitch curve normal (5 points)
* Three programmable mixes
* VR switch controls proportional 7th channel
* EEPROM memory feature retains settings even when transmitter battery is disconnected or removed

Mode Select Feature: Dual Rates on 4 Channels, Triple rates available if using the 3 position switch, Full function trainer system (trainer cord not included).
Transmitter: T7CAP
Transmitting on 40MHz band.
Operating system: 2-stick, 7 channel system
Modulation: FM(PPM) and PCM switchable
Power supply: 9.6V Ni-Cd
Current drain: 250mA

Receiver: R137HP reveiver

With mounting hardware and servo arm assortment.
Control system: pulse width control, 1.52ms neutral
Power requirement:4.8V or 6V from receiver
Output torque: 44.4oz-in [3.2kg-cm] @4.8V
Operating speed: 0.23sec/60°@4.8V
Size:1.59x0.78x1.41" [40.4x19.8x36mm]
Weight: 1.3oz (38.0g)
1 x 7CHP transmitter
1 x PCM1024 R137HP receiver W/crystal
3 x S3003 servos with hard wares and servo horns
1 x 9.6V/600mAh Ni-Cd TX battery
1 x 4.8V/1000mAh Ni-Cd RX battery
1 x 4.8V/9.6V RX/TX charger

* Note:
we only sell the radio system in complete set, and do not sell the transmitter nor other components separately, so please do not ask.
Changing the stick mode:
The transmitter may be operated in four different stick "modes" (1,2,3 &4). The modes determine the functions that will be operated by control sticks. Currently the transmitter is in "mode 1" ( throttle on right hand ) and you can change to different mode when necessary.

HiModel 2006/11/17
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