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   Radios Receivers & Accessories 7 - 9 Ch. Receivers 40Mhz CORONA Synthesized 8CH Futaba/JR Compatible Receiver (dual conversion) RP8D1
SKU:  RP8D1-40
40Mhz CORONA Synthesized 8CH Futaba/JR Compatible Receiver (dual conversion) RP8D1
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  Tags: 40Mhz  CORONA  Synthesized  8 channel  dual conversion  Receiver  RP8D1 

● You can switch the frequency freely with the RP8D1 8CH dual conversion synthesized receiver.
● The 'one button' function makes it extremely easy to change frequency.
● Despite the small size, the receiving range reaches as far as 1 mile (depending on environments)
● The dual ceramic IF filters ensure ultra narrow selectivity, and can reject adjacent channel interference effectively.
● The RP8D1 can identify the shift polarity of the transmitter (Futaba, JR) automatically.
● DAP technology filters noise intelligently and eliminates glitches effectively.
● Failsafe function to put servos in a predetermined position in case of lost signal reception.
Synthesized Receiver (Dual conversion)
Type RP8D1
Size 36X18.7X8.2
Weight 9.2g
Range >1.5km/4900ft
Selectivity ±8 kHz at 65 dBdown
Number of Channel 1-8
Filtering DSP
Intermediate Frequency 10.7MHZ
IP3 +10dBm

* Compatible with both Futaba & JR transmitters.
1 x receiver
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