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   Radios Radio Sets 7 - 9 Channel Radios 35Mhz JR PCM9X II 9-channel Synthesized Transmitter & Receiver W/O Servos
SKU:  9XII35
35Mhz JR PCM9X II 9-channel Synthesized Transmitter & Receiver W/O Servos
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  Tags: 35Mhz  JR  PCM9X  II  9-channel  Synthesized  Transmitter  Receiver  W  O  Servos 

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The computer-designed, ergonomically-styled transmitter case ensures a comfortable fit in your hands.
You will also be introduced to JR exclusive "Rolling Selector" movement through any programming sequence.

The ultra-precision control sticks offer adjustable spring tensions and length. The throttle stick offers a ratchet in Airplane/Sailplane configuration. Stick modes 1-4 are menu selectable.

30-model memory storage allows programming of all parameters of thirty separate airplanes, sailplanes or helicopters; you can program more than one setup for a single aircraft, allowing you to instantly change the flight characteristics.

■Transmitter Specifications:
Model Number: NET-N239ES
Encoder: 9-channel computer system
RF Module: Plug-in-Module TS-35J
Modulation: PPM/SPCM/ZPCM
Output Power: Approximately 750mw
Current Drain: 200ma
Power Source: 1.2V x 8 Ni-Cd (9.6V) 600mAh
Output Pulse: 1000-2000 (1500 neutral)
Band: 35Mhz
Available Channels: 55-90.

■Receiver Specifications:
Model Number: RS10DS Auto scan
Type FM: 10-channel/double conversion new ABC & W circuitry
Sensitivity: 5uV/m
Selectivity: 8Khz/50dB
Channel Selection: Auto search system
1 x transmitter
1 x RS10DS auto scan receiver

(* Note: This kit no RX nor TX batteries, no servos, no charger)

Mode selection:
The Mode of the sticks can be chosen with the mode selection function of the radio. You can choose from Mode 1, 2, 3 or 4. The transmitter comes set to Mode 1. If Mode 2 or Mode 4 are chosen you will need to remove the back of the transmitter cover and swap the throttle ratchet and elevator spring.

(Refer to Instruction Menual page 22 for more details )

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