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   Radios Radio Sets 2.4G Radio System 2.4G Futaba 9CAP Super 9ch Transmitter & R608FS Receiver (8ch) w/ RX,TX Batteries
SKU:  9CAP24
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2.4G Futaba 9CAP Super 9ch Transmitter & R608FS Receiver (8ch) w/ RX,TX Batteries
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  Tags: 2.4G  Futaba  9CAP  Super  9ch  Transmitter  R608FS  Receiver  8ch  w  RXTX  Batteries 

* Large graphic liquid-crystal display panel with 4 buttons and easy set up trun-and-press Dial for quick, easy setup.
* All transmitters include all 3 aircraft types with specialized programming for each, including:
- Airplane (ACRO)
--Twin Aileron Servos (FLAPERON AND AIR-DIFF)
--Gyro Mixing
--Twin Elevator Servos (AILEVATOR)
--Snap Roll ( 4 separate directions available)
-Helicopter (6 swashplate types, including CCPM)(HELI)
--3 Idel Ups
--Throttle and Pitch Curvers per Condition
--Gyro Mixing including separate settings per condition
--Governor Mixing
-Sailplane/Glider (3 wing types)(GLID)
--Twin ailerons (FLAPERON and AIL-DIFF)
-- 4 flight conditions (NORM/OFFSET-1/2/3)(GLID2FL-C Only)
*BASIC menu for quick, easy set up of less complex models.
*ADVANCE menu for more complex, unique setups.
*Four electronic Trim Levers for rapid yet precise trim adjustment - no remembering to "store trims" between models and no more "bumped trims" during transport.
*IDLE-DOWN (ACRO) and THR-CUT (ACRO/HELI) (engine shut off) setups to allow precise engine control for taxi and landings.
*12 complete model memories with 6 more per optional CAMPac.
*New stick design with improved feel, adjustable lenght and tension.
*Triple rates available by setting dual rates to 3-position switches.
*Eight Switches, 3 Dials and 2 Sliders; compeletely assignable in most applications.
*Trainer system includes the "functional" (FUNC) setting, which allows the student to use the 9C super's mixing, helicopter, and other proramming functions even with a 4-channel buddy box.
*Transmits in both FM(PPM) and PCM by selecting modulation/cycling transmitter. Requires receiver of proper modulation.
*Permanent memory storage via EEPROM with no backup battery to service or have fail.
*It features helicopter-friendly switch layout, with idle-up and throttle hold switches at the left hand, and a smooth, ratchet-less (unsprung) throttle for perfect hovering. Defaults to HELI(SW1) MODEL TYPE.
*Change transmitter mode from mode 1 to modes 2,3 or 4.

TM-8 RF moduel:
●Communication system: one-way communication
●Antenna: 1/2 wavelength di-pole
●Current consumption: 150mA maximum
●Setting switch for fail safe (F/S) setting and range check
●LED (light emitting diodes) indicate the operational status
●Area select: general/France

R608FS Receiver:
●Dual antenna diversity
●Power requirement: 4.8V or 6.0V battery or regulated output from ESC, etc.
●F/S and battery F/S function for throttle channel (channel three)
●Size: 0.98 x 1.86 x 0.56 in. (24.9 x 47.3 x 14.3 mm)
●Weight: 0.48 oz. (13.5g)
1 x Tx 9CHP super (Only Model 1 available - throttle on right hand, but you can change it to Model 2 by yourself.)
1 x 2.4G FASST RF module TM-8
1 x 2.4G Rx R608FS
1 x RX Battery 600mAh / 4.8V
1 x Tx Battery NT-8S700B 700mAh
1 x Charger FBC-18C(4) (220V two round plug)
1 x Mini switch harness with charge cord
1 x Instruction manual ( English )
1 x Tx Antenna
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