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   Airplanes Airplanes - Electric P-51 Mustang - EP MISS AMERICA W/outrunner BL motor ARTF (E194 Blue)
SKU:  EE194B
P-51 Mustang - EP MISS AMERICA W/outrunner BL motor ARTF (E194 Blue)
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  Tags: P-51  Mustang  EP  MISS  AMERICA  W  outrunner  BL  motor  ARTF  E194  Blue 

●Scaled park flyer fabricated with top quality balsa / plywood and covered with genuine heat shrink covering. Strong wood structure and tough covering give the airframe the best load to weight ratio and capability for further power upgrades

●Full house controls ( ailerons, elevators, rudder, and throttle ) extend maneuvering limits and deliver scale flying
●Fully symmetrical airfoil enhance aerobatics performance

●Comes with geared speed 400 motor and propeller

●Strong and light pre-painted fiber glass cowling

●All necessary hardware and accessories provided, including the Ultralite pilot which greatly enhance scaled look without weight penalty
Wing Span : 39.5 in / 1000 mm
Wing Area : 282 sq in / 18.2 sq dm
Flying Weight : 26 oz / 740 g
Fuselage Length : 34.5 in / 880 mm

Motor specs:
Max speed: 1200 rpm
operating power: 180W
operating current: 15A
Peak current: 20A (max 15s)
shaft diameter: 3mm
Diameter: 28mm
Length: 30mm
Weight: 60g

1 x airplane kit
1 x folding propeller
1 x Ultralite pilot
1 x High performance outrunner brushless motor KM0283010
1 x motor adaptor

Requires :
4-channel radio w/ 4 micro servos,
20A-25A speed controller
1 x 1000 mAh to 1300mAh battery & charger
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