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Multi-rotor aircrafts and accessories
   Multi-rotors Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) Holybro Tekko32 F3 Metal 4IN1 65A Speed Control ESC
SKU:  65A4IN1
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Holybro Tekko32 F3 Metal 4IN1 65A Speed Control ESC
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Holybro Tekko32 F3 Metal 4IN1 65A Speed Control ESC

- F3(M4 Core) MCU, Runs BLHELI32 firmware, the MCU works at 108Mhz
- The 4in1 has onboard analog current sensor, and TLM function(then no current reading over TLM)
- Using metal case mosfet for better Heat dissipation
- Supports Lipo 4-6S
- Ext. cap needed for 6s (470uf 35v for 6s usage.)
- Size:42 x 42 mm
- Mounting holes:30.5x30.5mm
- Weight: 12g

The air flow is very import if you want to run this 4in1 in high current.
The input cable(from lipo to 4in1), should be good soldered, and at least 12AWG

Please use non-metallic isolation standoffs (marked in red in the diagram above) for the mounting holes on the ESC, Because mounting holes and motor pad are connected.

4IN1 ESC x 1
CAPx 1
cables x2
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