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   Multi-rotors Kit & Frame GEPRC GEP-LX4 Leopard Racing Quadcopter Kit (7075 Aluminium) - Golden
GEPRC GEP-LX4 Leopard Racing Quadcopter Kit (7075 Aluminium) - Golden
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The drone uses 3k ultra-light carbon plate + Aero Aluminum # 7075. In order to reinforce the 4 arms, we also designed an  aluminum alloy part to fix the arms, so that the arms are not easy to shift.

In order to fit more lenses, we presented a two lens splints which can be sued for Foxeer HS1190 camera and Runcam Swift generation 1 & 2 cameras. In addition we also equipped with a PDB, with BEC output 5v 3A and 12V 0.5A. The whole machine uses YFS screws, 12.9 strength.

Hint: This product is frame kit only and does not include the camera and fly control.

GEPRC GEP-LX4 Leopard Racing Quadcopter Kit (7075 Aluminium) - Golden

Model: GEP-LX4 Leopard
Weight: 109g
Motor spacing(wheel base): 195mm
Arm board thickness: 4mm
Side board thickness: 2mm
Other board thickness: 1.5mm

Recommended setting (not included):

Flight control: F3/ Naze32/ CC3D
Motor:  2204/2205/2206/2305/2306
ESC: 20A - 30A
Propeller: 4 inch
Battery:  3S 1300mAh ~ 4S 1500mAh


1 x GEPRC  frame kit

* Camera and electronic accessories are NOT included. 

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