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Multi-rotor aircrafts and accessories
   Multi-rotors Kit & Frame 820mm Carbon HexaCopter Kit (W/O Motors)
SKU:  ST-800
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820mm Carbon HexaCopter Kit (W/O Motors)
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  Tags: fpv carrier  hexacopter  six-rotor  HexaCopter  aerial photography 

1. The machine mainly consists of carbon fiber composite materials, matching joints of aluminum alloy to
ensure the strength of body as well as to effectively reduce the weight.
2. The six arms are with 18mm carbon fiber tubes and enhanced motor mount.
3. The connections of landing gear are formed with 14mm carbon fiber tube, which is composed with metal
and carbon fiber, to be assembled and repaired easily.
4. Supporting tubes are made from 12mm carbon fiber tube, the span between tubes is 155mm, it
accommodates with mainstream camera gimbal in the market.
5. There are two extended boards in front and rear of the fuselage, it is convenient for the installation of
GPS, receivers and other equipments.
6. Battery frame is fixed by metal connectors, the hexacopter of gravity of the aircraft can be adjusted by
sliding the battery frame back and forth

820mm  Carbon HexaCopter Kit W/O Motors

Diameter(motor shaft spacing):820mm
kit ( not including the canopy) weigh:950g
Battery requirement:6S 5000mAh~10000mAh (not included)
Brushless Motor:ST4708 360KV  (not included)
Brushless ESC:  30A\40A (compatible with 6s li-poly, not included)
Flight time:> 10 mins
Flight Weight:4000g
loading Weight:2000g

1 x HexaCopter kit  (not pre-assembled)
1 x canopy
6 x carbon propellers 

* This is the kit version without any electronic accessories. 


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