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   Helicopters Helicopters - Electric 35Mhz Dragonfly 37# Belt Transmission 3D CCPM Helicopter RTF
SKU:  HM37BR35
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35Mhz Dragonfly 37# Belt Transmission 3D CCPM Helicopter RTF
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  Tags: 35Mhz  Dragonfly  37  Belt  Transmission  3D  CCPM  Helicopter  RTF 

1) CCPM mode, 3D conversion with alterable pitch structure
2) Autorotation landing protection
3) Tail blades driven by belt provide stable flight and low noise
4) 6-ch transmitter with 3D conversion mode, PIT & PLT knobs
5) Mode lock switch to free lock the parameters of PIT & PLT

New with RoHS certified.
Main rotor diameter: Approx. 590 mm
Tail rotor diameter: Approx. 115 mm
Overall length: Approx. 630 mm
Overall height: Approx. 145 mm
All-up weight: Approx. 640g (Battery included)
Driven system: 380 SD Motor
Battery: Ni-MH 12V 650 mAh
Band: 35Mhz 【Model 1 (throttle on right hand ) and Model 2 (throttle on left hand) is optional, please specify the model when place your order 】
1 x 6ch CCPM transmitter and receiver
4 x Micro servos
1 x 20A brushed ESC
1 x 380 SD
1 x Gyro WK-G006
1 x 12V 650 mAh Ni-MH
1 x Spare main blades

In other words, it includes everything for flight except 8 AA size batteries for transmitter.
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