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   Engines Engines / Fuel System Accessories Engines - Miscellaneous Super Smart Glow Plug Driver/ Igniter Starter For Glow Engine RCD3011 (no battery)
Super Smart Glow Plug Driver/ Igniter Starter For Glow Engine RCD3011 (no battery)
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  Tags: Super Smart Glow Plug Driver/ Igniter Starter For Glow Engine 


RCD3011 is a super smart hand-hold glow plug driver, which can be used on all kinds of glow engine for starting up and igniting.
This product applied 1.5Mhz switch mode DC-DC of high efficiency and filtered through Ultra low ESR ceramic capacitor, as a result, its efficiency reaches as high as 90%. By applying the frequency conversion mode, it gets very low EMI, so that it reduces signal interference effectively.
Output voltage is constant 1.4V, it can adjust the output current according to the working status of the glow plug, to ensure the best working temperature of the glow plug even if the glow plug is drown under the fuel, the temperature can still be kept normal.
Using 2S 18650 Li-poly battery (battery not included) supplies super power and the glow driver is estimated to last over a year before needing recharging!
It gets the function of time delay startup and time out shut off, to those oil-rich phase engines, especially to those four-stroke engines, delay startup can starting the engine easier; It can check and display if the glow plug is damage or not. Short circuit protection and overheat protection can protect effectively the glow driver from damage, no need to worry about the issue; Voltage alarm reminds user to charger the device on time, as result of the above, it is a super smart device.
As soon as the glow plug is turned off, it enters low power consumption state, it will shut off automatically after 300 seconds of no operation, current for shutting off is less than 100nA, it is of very power saving. 
It gets a standard Micro USB charging port, it can be charged through any computer or USB charger for a mobile phone, it can use it as a torch in everyday life, which is very convenient.
It is very simple and operated easily, only by one button, you can achieve time delay trigger, instant trigger, shut off by hand and torch function.

  • Fixed wing airplanes with glow engine
  • Helicopters with glow engine
  • Car model with glow engine
  • All other applications related with glow engine


Super Smart Glow Plug Driver/ Igniter Starter For Glow Engine RCD3011 (W/O battery)

1 x Super Smart Glow Plug Driver

2 x 18650 Lipo batteries 
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