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OS Glow Plug A3
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Mainly for small size engines of .10-.46
For Running-in Beginners (rich needle setting) & sports
For every applications-Airplane, Helicopters, car & boat.

For R/C Aircraft
Running-in, Engines smaller than .32 capacity and 40/46LA

For R/C Helicopter
Running-in, Smaller than .32 capacity engines(for beginners)

For R/C Cars
Running-in For beginners (rich needle setting)
When to replace the Glowplug
Apart from when actually burned out, a plug may need to be replaced because it no longer delivers its best performance, such as when:
*Filament coil has become distorted.
*Filament surface has roughtened/turned white.
*Foreign matter had adhered to filament or plug body has corroded.
*Engine tends to cut out when idling.
*Starting qualities deteriorate.

How Glowplug Ignition Works
With a glowplug engine, ignition is initiated by the application of a 1.5 volt power source. When the battery is disconnected, the heat retained within the engine's combustion chamber remains sufficient to keep the engine running ignition timing is automatic: At higher rpm, the plug becomes hotter and appropriately, fires the fuel/air charge earlier; at reduced rpm, the filament becomes cooler and ignition is retarded.

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