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   Engines Engines - Airplanes 2 Stroke Engine Nitro ASP S15A Engine for Airplanes Blue head version
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ASP S15A Engine for Airplanes Blue head version
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  Tags: ASP  S15A  Engine  for  Airplanes  Blue  head  version 

From the most famous and professional manufacturer in China.

Offer OEM engines for many world famous RC manufacturers.

Also borne the brands of ASP, MAGNUM, SC, DC.
Displacement: 2.45cc
RPM range: 3,000-17,000(r.p.m)
Output: 0.50/16,500(kw/r.p.m)
Weight: 201g (with muffler, carb included)
Suitable Prop:7*6-8*4

Muffler is included.
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