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Lithium Polymer (Li-poly) & Ni-Mh battery packs, battery chargers, Electric (Brushless) Motors, Electric Speed Controllers ( ESC ), Gyros, Electric Accessories etc.
   Electric Battery Chargers & Battery Accessories Lithium Polymer Battery ( Li-Poly, LIPB) Chargers UN-A6 1-6S High Precision Cut-off Voltage Programmable & System Voltage Adjustable Balance Charger
UN-A6 1-6S High Precision Cut-off Voltage Programmable & System Voltage Adjustable Balance Charger
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  Tags: UN-A6  1-6S  High Precision  Balance Charger  cut-off voltage programmable  System Voltage Adjustable  

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1. Cut-off voltage Programmable from 1.5V to 4.2V per cell.
2. Charger system voltage can be re-calibrated.
3. High precision, accuracy up to mV.

The options can be set for Charger UN-A6:
a. cut-off voltage (1.5V to 4.2V)
b. charging current (0.3 to 5A)
c. working mode 1 to 3
d. Fully charge (4.2V/cell) or charging for storage (3.85V/cell)
e. Charging time: when charging time is set, the charging process will complete when charging time is expired or the battery is full charged whichever is earlier.
f. Voltage calibration: this is advanced function, only do it when your digital multimeter resolution is 4 1/2 (accuracy 0.0001V) or higher.
Dimension: 150L x 12W x 4.3H cm
Input: DC12 to 15V
Charge current: 0.3A to 5A
Charging voltage: 2.5V to 4.2V
Balance charging connector type: Align/HiModel battery type
Charging port: 1 x 6S port, 2 x 3S ports, 3 x 2S ports
1 x charger
1 x alligator DC cable

Download English manual here .
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