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   Electric Electric - Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Dual Power Input Servo Distribution Board W/CDI Remote Switch
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Dual Power Input Servo Distribution Board W/CDI Remote Switch
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  Tags: servo distribution board  remote switch 

This product is specially designed for large scale petrol airplanes which using multiple large current servos, CDI remote control switch is integrated in this device, receiver space is reserved, it keeps the wiring of your airplane convenient and tidy. There are two power supply connectors, it will increase the reliability and security when use two batteries for power supply.

- Support 8 channels input, 16 channels output. (one splits to two)
- Integrated CDI remote control switch, you can use a spare channel (ON/OFF channel recommended) to control the CDI power supply.
- Independent CDI power supply circuit, receiver power supply and CDI power supply is isolated from each other, no worries on CDI interference to receiver, LED indicates power supply status.
- Bi-color LED indicating CDI power supply status.
- 4 Bi-color LEDs indicating the distribution board working status.
- A diode is connected between servo and power source, to reduce the power voltage approximately 0.3V.
- Receiver power supply:
Direct connection: When use 5-6V power supply, you can choose direct connection mode.
0.5V Voltage drop mode: When use 6V power input, yet you prefer a lower voltage for servos, then you can use this mode to reduce the voltage around 0.5V.
7805 (a chip number) regulating mode: When use 7.2v or 8.4V power supply, you can choose this mode.
Power supply: 5 - 8.4V
Working current: 0-30A
Weight: 70g
Dimension: 116 x 68 x 13mm

(Manufacturer product name: Min servo engine sectionboard)
1 x servo distribution board
1 x wire set
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