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   Electric Electric Speed Control (ESC) Brushed Speed Control (ESC) Blue Arrow PP-10B Aircraft Electronic Speed Control
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Blue Arrow PP-10B Aircraft Electronic Speed Control
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These processor controllers are designed for use in aircraft models such as Indoor flyer, slow flyer, and Park flyer and gliders operating with brushed electric motors. The controllers feature "soft start" and therefore are suitable also for motors equipped with gearbox. The revolution regulation is extremely fine - 1024 steps all the way to the full throttle.
1. Size: 19mmX14mmX4mm (0.75in x 0.55in x 0.16in).
2. Net Weight: 1.8g(0.06oz). Exclude package and wire.
3. Weight: 7.1g(0.25oz).
4. B.E.C. : 5V/1A.
5. PWM frequency: 3.3 KHz.
6. Safe "Power On": When just mount the battery, in order to prevent propeller turns to move to result in the danger suddenly, the motor turn to move is forbidden.
7. Soft Start : 2 second waiting at thrust off position.
8. Auto Cut : The current will be cut off automatically before the battery is used up, it�s very reasonable.
9. Input Voltage : 6V (2 cells Li-Poly).
10. Current limiting: 10A.
11. Input pulse length : 1ms-2ms

Wiring Diagram
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