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   Electric BEC / UBEC 4 in 1 2.1A 4.2V Charge Discharger DC-DC Boost Converter 3.7V to 5V Power Supply Module
   FPV/ Aerial Photography Video TX/RX & Accy.
4 in 1 2.1A 4.2V Charge Discharger DC-DC Boost Converter 3.7V to 5V Power Supply Module
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  Tags: 4  in  1  2.1A  4.2V  Charge  Discharger  DC-DC  Boost  Converter  3.7V  to  5V  Power  Supply  Module 

This is a multifunctional 3.7V/4.2V Mobile Power Diy  module,3 in 1 Function: charge,discharge and battery protection.
It is very suitable for DIY mobile power.
Comes with battery protection, do not need battery protection board 
(if your battery comes with a protective board, it does not matter)
Overcurrent protection(OCP)
Overvoltage protection(OVP)
Short circuit protection(SCP)
Over temperature protection(OTP)
Button mode:
 The button duration is longer than 50ms, but less than 2s, which is a short press action. Short press will turn on the battery indicator and boost output.
The two consecutive short presses within 1 s will turn off the boost output and power display.
Pin description:
1 VIN : Charging port +
2 GND : Charging port -
3 GND : Battery port -
4 BAT : Battery port +
5 GND : Output port -
6 VOUT: Output port +
7 KEY : Output trigger port(Low pulse trigger)
1 In discharge mode(In the charging mode,the KEY function is invalid),
the KEY Trigger once,turn on the output;Continuous trigger twice: turn off the output.
2 When the load access, it will automatically turn on the output.
But if the load is less than 50MA, the output will be turned off after 30 seconds
3 While charging, while discharge, it is allowed
If the output load current is less than 50MA, turn off the output after 30 seconds.
If the output load current is greater than 50MA,continuous turn on the output

This module is not suitable for uninterruptible power supply(ups).


Battery powered equipment

Lithium Battery 18650 14500
Mobile phone diy
Solar charging
MP3/MP4 player
Audio equipment
Video equipment
Portable Devices
Bluetooth Wifi Applications
MCU development board


4 in 1 2.1A 4.2V Charge Discharger DC-DC Boost Converter 3.7V to 5V Power Supply Module

Charge voltage : DC 4.5V-5.5V (DC 5V recommended)
Charging current : 0-2.1A 
Charge quiescent current : 100uA
Full charge voltage : 4.2V+-1%.
Discharge current : 0-2.4A;
Discharge quiescent current : 50uA
Discharge conversion efficiency : maximum 96%
Output voltage : 5V
Output current    : 0-2.1A;
Operating ambient temperature :  -20° to +85°
Size : 25.2 x 16 x 4mm
Weight : 2.3g

1 x 4 in 1 module
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