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   FPV/ Aerial Photography Cameras/Video Recorder/Capture FPV 520-line Mini CMOS Camera MC59B36 PAL (7g only)
SKU:  MC59B36
FPV 520-line Mini CMOS Camera MC59B36 PAL (7g only)
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  Tags: FPV 520-line Tiny CMOS Camera MC59B36 PAL (7g only) 

Main Features
1.        Small Size: easy to install into narrow space even inside tubes. ;
2.        Light Weight with 2 screw holes: easy to install without causing unnecessary damage on object surface;
3.        High resolution, high sensitivity, high SNR;
4.      90 degree view of angle;
5.        Day & night dual mode auto switch;
6.        Low Current and power consumption;
7.       CMOS sensor generation IV +DSP chip offer true color & HD video.

FPV 520-line Tiny CMOS Camera MC59B36 PAL (7g only)

Sensor: CMOS
Video format: PAL
Minimum illuminance:  0.008Lux/F1.2
Lens & view angle: 3.6mm F2.0 / 90 °
Power consumption: 5V 65mA;  12V 32mA
Power supply: DC 3.3V - 24V
Dimension: 30x 16 x 16mm
Net weight: 7g
Connector type: Futaba

Wire sequence: 
Black: GND
Red: Positive 3.3V-24V
White: Video 

1 x camera

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