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   FPV/ Aerial Photography Video Glasses/ Monitors FPV 5.8G 32CH Diversity Receiver Wireless Head Tracing GOGGLE/Video Glasses SKY01
SKU:  SKY-01
FPV 5.8G 32CH Diversity Receiver Wireless Head Tracing GOGGLE/Video Glasses SKY01
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Special features:
- Higher resolution display 854 x 480;
- Head-track  function. (via Futaba radios)
- 5.8G, 32 channels diversity receivers.
- Integrated front camera, you can see the vision in front of you without removing the glasses.


The FPV Google withBuilt-in 5.8Ghz Diversity Receiver and diversity Antenna inputs for best reception.It working in diversity mode to achieve good signal utilization and improve theimage quality.


It supports 4 Bandsand total 32channels (Bands selection and Resulting Frequencies see details in Specifications


Head Tracker

Support Head-track  function.

Front Camera

· TheFront Camera is Wide-Angle Camera with 680X480(VGA) Resolution and good low Illumination. It's very convenient to view around without taking off the Goggles.

· Press"Camera" button to open the Front Camera.        


· Eachboot is automatically set to the lowest volume to avoid sudden loud boot.

· Along beep indicates that you have reached the MAX or MIN Volume. .

Display Setup   


Interpupillary distanceIPDAdjustable


· Pull the IPD Adjuster to adjust the interpupillary distance      

Brightness/ contrast Adjustable

AV input


· Thegoggles support AV IN. The wireless model will close when the AV IN isconnected to save power.

· TheFront Camera is ok for use under AV IN mode.

AV output

· AVOut is the diversity Video and Audio output

· Earphoneport is audio output for connecting earphones.


FPV 5.8G 32CH Diversity Receiver  Wireless Head Tracing GOGGLE/Video Glasses SKY01

Compatible transmitters (the transmitter for RC model, not the video transmitter):
FUTABA FF-7, FF-8, FF-9, T9Z, T12MZ and T14MZ & WFLY transmitters with trainer port.

* Other types transmitter may not supported. JR transmitters are not supported, this is not because of the glasses, but because of the JR transmitter programe setting.

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Binocular Display


30 degrees (Diagonal)


854X480(WVGA),  1,229,760 color sub-pixels

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