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    Making Payments

What is Intermediary Bank Charge? and how to avoid this charge?

Added: 2006-12-04   Updated: 2008-04-23   View: 77249

   Some banks need a US Intermediary bank (corresponding bank) to process wire transfers, and this will result in an additional charge, the intermediary bank may deduct the fee from the payment, that is why some time the amount we received is less than the mount you transfered.

Please confirm with your bank if they need a US intermediary bank for wire transfer, if so, please add the intermediary bank fee to your order total.

To avoid this charge, you can use those world famous banks, most of them can make direct international wire transfer, and there will no third bank charge occur. or when sending the money please tell your bank that you will PAY FOR ALL CHARGES OF FOREIGN BANKS. If you don't do this, sometimes the money will be send through a corresponding bank (not directly to our account) and therefore the bank will charge fees (interim bank charge) from the sent amount. Then we will not receive the full amount.

Our order total does not include intermediary bank charge, and this charge should be at customer's cost.

(* The interim bank charge is not deduced by our bank, it is charge free for inward remittances for our account.)

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