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    Shipping Methods
  Can I request ship my orders to my logistic forwarder in China?  2014-04-17
  What is your policy on parcels returned/detained by customs or retunred by courier?  2011-09-20
  Can you tell me where my EMS package is?  2010-11-11
  Why my EMS pacel seems stuck there for several days?  2009-06-19
  Why have'nt I received my parcels shipped via postal (small) air parcel services after 30 days?  2007-09-15
  What are the differences among DHL/FedEx/TNT/EMS express services?  2007-05-10
  What is Fedex PAK?  2006-11-22
  Why I was asked for the CPF/VAT number when I choose DHL/Fedex as shipping methods?  2006-11-22
  What is your policies on lost or damaged parcels during delivery?  2006-10-14
  Why should I buy insurance for my parcels & how does it work?  2006-10-13
  Can I choose to ship via Fedex / UPS / DHL and pay the freight when receive the order (COD)?  2006-08-27
  What shipping methods can we use when ordering from HiModel?  2006-03-10

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