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Radio Sets, Receivers, Servos, Gyros and Crystals etc.
   Radios Radio Sets RF Module / Receivers & Accy FrSky GPS Moduel GPS-01
   FPV/ Aerial Photography Telemetry/ Data logger
SKU:  GPS-01
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FrSky GPS Moduel GPS-01
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Different sensors facilitate to monitor different data, such as fuel lever, speed, longitude, latitude, altitude, temperature, RPM, acceleration, etc. If the model is driven by battery, users could use in-built or external battery voltage sensor to monitor model’s battery voltage.
GPS feedbacks various data, such as speed, longitude and latitude.
Longitude: dddmm.mmmm E/W
Latitude: ddmm.mmmm N/S
Installation: Use double-sided tape to install the GPS on any appropriate surface of the airframe.

Note: Note: Up right position is recommended.
1 x GPS module
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