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   Radios Gyros Futaba GY601 Gyro
SKU:  FGY601
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Futaba GY601 Gyro
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GY601 gyro
Super Narrow Pulse drive system substantially improves
servo response.
Microcomputer high-speed arithmetic processing substantially
improves gyro response.
High Resolution 12-bit A/D accurately converts the sensor output
to a digital signal
Newest SMM (Silicone Micro Machine) and low-back aeroform case
improves vibration resistance and neutral characteristic.
Amp mounts an LCD that allows accurate data settings.
S9251 servo-
This special servo for the GY601 is compatible with Super Narrow
Pulse drive.
Operation speed of 0.07sec/60degree High response is realized.
Alumite case w/heat sink effectively cools the motor from heat.
GY601 Gyro
Display device: 8-character dot matrix liquid crystal display
Operating Voltage range: DC 3.8V to 6.0V
Current drain: 70mA (@5.0v, including sensor)
Amp Length: 57mm Sensor Length: 34mm
Width: 32mm Width: 34mm
Height: 15mm Height: 18mm
Weight: 34g Weight: 24.5g
One GY601 Amp
One GY601 Sensor
One adjustment screw driver
One manual
Three mount pads
One metal sheild plate (Helps avoid the interference from magnetic
emission devices such as a servo motor, power motor etc. to the GYRO.
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