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NGH 9CC Petrol Engine for Radio Control Aeroplane GT9
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  Tags: NGHengine  petrol engine  gasoline engine  nitro style gasline engine 

This is a new generation of small gas quality engine, it combines the advantages of both Nitro and gasoline engines, compact in size, light weight, fuel economy, reliable and powerful.
Engine Type: Gasoline Two-stroke, Air Cooled
Displacement (cc): 9.07cc
Bore x stroke (mm): 23.35 x 21.2
Carburetor: NGH made 60G needle with pump membrane
Max output: 0.8HP@15000RPM
RPM Range: 2600-15000RPM
Ignition: Auto advanced Rcexl DC-CDI with special spark plug cap
Spark plug type: 1/4 x 32 Rcexl
Ignition Power: 4.8V
Lubrication Oil: 2 cycle engine Oil API TC/JASO FD or better specs. (Mobil + M2T)
Break-in fuel oil ratio: 20:1 (5%)
General use fuel: 25:1 (4%) (Oil percentage can not less than 4%)
Recommended propellers: 10 x 6 to 12x6 (two blades)
Weight: 425g (without ignition)
545g complete

Hint & resources:
The GT9 engine is (one of) smallest petrol engine, it is quite different to conventional bigger size petrol engines in tuning, and also quite different to those Nitro engines, so you experience on bigger petrol engines or Nitro engines may not apply to this GT9 engine, so please do read the special instruction manuals carefully.
Also the each engine has been tested at factory, so please do not change the factory default setting freely, and mark out the original position is a good idea when you really need to adjust it.

Refer to below links for some hints on tuning and installation:

1. NGH GT9 Installation and Running Manual
2. NGH GT9 Exploded View & Guid

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