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   Electric (Brushless) Motors & Accessories Electric Brushless Motors - Outrunner SUNNYSKY X2204S KV2300 Outrunner Brushless Motor (Multi-rotor Version) | CW - Limited time offer, while stock last
   Multi-rotors Motors
SKU:  X2204S23
SUNNYSKY X2204S KV2300 Outrunner Brushless Motor (Multi-rotor Version) | CW - Limited time offer, while stock last
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  Tags: multi-rotor  brushless motor SUNNYSKY X2204S KV2300 


- Long-life Japanese NMB ball bearings.
- Efficient Japanese Kawasaki stator steel
- Rare earth magnets stable up to 180℃
- Oxygen free pure copper wires
- CNC machined aluminum case
- Silicone wire leads
- Patented balance techniques
- Unique wiring method

Regarding delivery time:
Limit to the producing capability of the factory, and the high demand,  there is no estimated date for when we can fill new orders,  new arrival of this motor will need to fill the prepaid orders 
first in the sequence of payment receiving date. 

Before the supply situation gets better, we are not able to predict the ETA for this motor,  please do not ask about the ETA when the motor showing "out of stock" or "back order", we will update the ETA info to our website when it is possible to predict an ETA for this motor. 


SUNNYSKY X2204S  KV2300  Outrunner Brushless Motor (Multi-rotor Version) - CW

KV (rpm/v): 2300
Lipo Battery (cell): 2-S Li-poly
Weight: 22.8g (including prop adaptor) 
Length: 34.6mm including prop adaptor,  13.2mm excluding prop adaptor
Diameter: 27.5mm
Prop adaptor Shaft Diameter(mm): 5

This motor is CW version. CW or CCW for motors is referred to the thread direction  of the propeller output shaft , NOT the rotating direction of the motor. 

X2204S  kv2300 
3S 11.1V GWS 5043

1 x motor 

*Connectors are not included
* Motor mount no longer provided from the factory since Oct 2014 as the motor can be fixed directed to the end bell. 
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