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   Radios Radio Sets 2.4G Radio System WFT09 9-Channel TX W/ASSAN 2.4G RF Module Combo
SKU:  WFT0924
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WFT09 9-Channel TX W/ASSAN 2.4G RF Module Combo
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  Tags: WFT09 9-Channel TX  WFT09 Transmitter  WFLY 2.4GHz 

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This is the WFLY 9-channel transmitter and ASSAN 8-channel 2.4G RF module combo.
Transmitter: WFT09
RF module: ASSAN 2.4G X8F

* To provide most flexibility to our customers, we do not include the receiver in this combo, so you can choose the receiver suits your need best from the list above.
* As this transmitter can only support up to 8-channels in PPM mode, so when use the 2.4G RF module (PPM mode), this system can only support up to 8 channels even you use a 9-channel receiver.
* Use ASSAN brand 2.4G receivers only, as the 2.4G receivers can only bind with their own RF modules.

* Both mode 1 & mode 2 are available, mode 2 will be provided by default for international orders, you can specify the stick mode by leaving a message in the Remark field on the last step when place the order.

1 x transmitter
1 x 2.4G RF module
1 x transmitter battery holder
1 x Receiver battery holder
1 x neck strap
1 x simulator adaptor
1 x training cord

1x ASSAN 2.4G receiver
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