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   Radios Radio Sets 2.4G RF Module / Receivers & Accy REDCON CM621 6Ch DSM2 Receiver
SKU:  RCM621
REDCON CM621 6Ch DSM2 Receiver
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REDCON CM621 6Ch DSM2 Receiver 

Frequency: 2.4GHz, DSM2
Channel #: 6 channels 
Size: 40mmx 18.5mm x 10mm
Weight: 4.3g (excluding shrinking tube)
Power supply: 3.6 - 10V

Spektrum(MLP4DSM,dx4e,dx5e,dx6i,dx7s,dx8 etc.)

               JR(DSX7 DSX9 DSX11 ect. DSM2 series)

               Walkera or ER9X etc. which can flash with DSM2/DSMX firmware DIY transmitters. 

1 x Receiver

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