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   Radios Receivers & Accessories BA-R3P5 H/T 40Mhz FM 5Ch. Receiver(Side Pins)
SKU:  P540SD
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BA-R3P5 H/T 40Mhz FM 5Ch. Receiver(Side Pins)
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  Tags: BA-R3P5  H  T  40Mhz  FM  5Ch.  Receiver  Side  Pins 

With the using of MCU, the series of Blue ArrowR3PX receiver identify automatically whether the signals of radio is positive shift or negative shift, you needn�t to replace or use switch to identify. Thereby, our receiver can compatible with all the radios of FUTABA/JR/HITEC/SWANA/GWS.

This receiver is very light, barring of an antenna 80mm/0.7g, a connecter sockets crystal 0.2g and a shrink wrap 0.2g, it only weighs 2.8g.
It is recommended to create for the Park and Yard flyers and Indoor Aircraft applications that require a reliable and short remote distance one.
This receiver compatible with PPM transmitter: HITEC, FUTABA, JR, MULTIPLEX, AIRTRONICS and most other transmitters by change crystal.
1. Size : 25mmX15mmX8mm(0.98in x 0.59in x 0.3in).
2. Weight: 0.098 oz or 2.8g (without antenna, connecter sockets crystal and shrink wrap).
3. 5 channel, FM PPM operation.
4. Transmitter compatible: HITEC, FUTABA, JR, MULTIPLEX, AIRTRONICS and most other transmitters.
5. Reliable operation to 1000 feet.
6. Current Draw: 10 MA @ 5 Volts.
7. Input Voltage Rage: 5.0 Volts.

For more details, please click here.
1 x Mini sized receiver crystal ( BlueArrow UM-5 series crystal or GWS Mini crystal)
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