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   Radios Radio Sets 7 - 9 Channel Radios 72Mhz JR X-2720 7-channel digital proportional radio control system W/539x4 RS77S
SKU:  JR272072
72Mhz JR X-2720 7-channel digital proportional radio control system W/539x4 RS77S
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■Transmitter Specifications Type NET-K237S:
●Multifunction 7 channel radio
●User-friendliness graphic display computer system
●Comfortable fitted computer-designed, ergonomically styled transmitter case.
●Advanced digital trim
●Adjustable spring tensions and length by the ultra precision control sticks
●Crystal type

●Fail safe function during SPCM modulations
●Trainer function as standard equipment
●Charging battery jack is fitted as a standard equipment
●SPCM and PPM (FM) are available
●Model name, data copy function
●Same switch layout for heli and aero type
●Channel availability: 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54.

■Receiver Specifications:
Model Number: RS77S SPCM
●Small and slimline design 7 channel receiver
●FM-NEW ABC & W system makes R770 high sensitive.
●A narrow band ceramic filter for high-signal selectivity assists in rejecting cross modulations from other common radio frequencies, such as RC transmitters for local paging systems.
●S type PCM receiver developed by a advanced digital technic using a high-reliability and super small micro computer
●Fail safe function is operable with loading a CPU and it gives a safe flight.
●Direct servo control for control servos without radio frequency output.

Type: ES-539
Speed:0.23 sec
Weight: 38 gm
Size mm (LxWxH): 32.5 x 19 x 38.5mm
Ballbearing: Yes
Motor: Ferrite

Model Number: NEC-322AUS
Input Voltage: AC-240V
Output Current: 50mA TX/100 mA RX
Charging Time: 15 Hours

1 x transmitter
1 x RS77S Auto-scan PLL-Synthesized 7 channel SPCM receiver
4 x ES539 servos W/ hardware
1 x 4N1100 Ni-Cd 4.8V/1100mah battery
1 x RX & TX battery charger NEC-322 AC220V
1 x channel flag
1 x switch harness
1 x English manual

(Note: we only sell the radio system in complete set, and do not sell the transmitter nor other components separately, so please do not ask.)

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