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   Radios Radio Sets 2.4G Radio System 2.4Ghz 3-Channel Color LCD Transmitter and Receiver Set TG-04C (Black)
   Radios Radio Sets 2 - 4 Channel Radios
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2.4Ghz 3-Channel Color LCD Transmitter and Receiver Set TG-04C (Black)
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1.Be used for RC Car and RC Boat.
2.2.4 inch TFT color Screen Display
3. DPI 1024(256)
4.Display English & Chinese two languages
5.Can be individually adjusted data for each types of ESC (include RC car and RC boat)
6.Reversible Hand Operation (wheel section can be installed to left-or right hand driving)
7.Real-time dynamic screen
8.Stopwatch function
9.10-model memory,control distance:150M
10.Exponential(EXP Steering and Thorttle)
11.Steering dual rate (d/r-st)
12.Anti-skid braking system (ABS)
13.Digital trim: Steering trim, throttle trim, steering d/r
14.Function select lever function (fnc-dt1/ dt2/dt3/dt4)
15.Tension adjustment function.

A. TX module:
1) RF range: 2.4000- 2.4835Ghz ISM band
2) Code Type: FSK
3) RF Power: less than 20 Dbm
4) TX current: 150mA typical
5)Modulation signal: 1-3CH, standard PPM pulse width control signal
6) Working voltage: DC 4.8V to 6.0V
7) Automatic selects and change frequency (frequency hopping) after turn on the TX

B. RX module:
1) Frequency band:2.4000- 2.4835Ghz ISM band
2) Working voltage: DC 4.8V to 6.0V
3) RX current: 30mA typical
4) RX sensitivity: -110dBm typical
5) Demodulate output signal: standard 1-4ch, signal pulse width 1.0 to 2.0ms
6) LED indicator light for RX sensitivity and frequency ind
7) Control distance: more than 100m on the opining ground.

Transmitter color: Black
1 x 2.4G pistol transmitter
1 x 3-channel 2.4G receiver
1 x instruction manual (English)

(*No RX battery, no TX battery, no servos)
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